Ahmed Hossam

Founder of Gampact

Luxatia international Corporate learning & Development Summit 2018 was a huge success, the pre-conference communication to travel and accommodation arrangements and the event itself, more over it’s been hold in Barcelona, which is a very special city for Gampact as we have been here before for the Gamification World Congress 2015 the biggest gamification summit ever!

The Conference was targeting the latest trends for employee engagement, learning & development & we went there as the leading Gamification Consultancy in the middle east to show case some of our successful case studies. What was really amazing is the diversity from startups to fortune companies including LG, IESE Business School, Danone, Savvy, General Electric, and Schneider Electric and how most of them was trying to leverage Gamification in some way in their environments!

It was so inspiring for us to see firstly how a lot of people so excited about our session through the whole first day and the 2nd day till we delivered; then how amazing feedback and testimonials from the attendees who described our session as a practical innovative & eye opener Gamification solutions… we really appreciate all the support and kind words from the attendees

Conference Speakers

“Gampact Gamification Session at the Luxatia International Conference 2018”

The first major key presentation in the conference presented by Nick Shackleton-Jones from PAConsulting about new revolutionary mindset of corporate learning, from courses to resources! This session was absolutely eye opener for most of the attendees as it explains reality about why people needs to learn, and how they need resources not learning, as resources helps you get things done. You would never take a classroom to help your children for example, what you really need is to search for answers! It’s not about learning offline or elearning, it’s about the resources you have! And guess what I can’t agree more! Resources are always more practical!

What really made me happy was their case studies in Gamification and how it was critical in their solutions! and their comments later on our solution which they found them pioneering!

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Thierry Bonetto

Next was Paul-Henry from Schneider Electric and they had a solid case study about their internal university of learning, then Thierry Bonetto from Danone, how they trained 250 internal Facilitators and how that affected the internal learning culture of the corporate!

And at that point we reached one of my personal favorite sessions by Todd Cardarelli which was about learning experiences through simulation-based learning, an interactive session which was very engaging in a practical case.

Last but not least was may be the most touching & emotional session by Juan Tinoco HR Director LG, and their new model in coaching “reverse coaching”, the case study is an eye opener as it happens with lots of leaders and their life with deep psychological impact!

With such amazing session we finished the key sessions, lots of reflections on the case studies, how many of them were trying to apply Gamification too, it was time for the conference dinner, however it was so hard for us to go…we surely missed it!

Juan Tinoco

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