Gamification Design Services

Gamification for Learner Engagement & Learning Experience

How many times have you seen your learners Yawn inside your training? according to the recent researches the maximum time span to stay active in learning is 20 minutes, & the time span for Generation Z in learning can reach 3 seconds only!

The sad reality is that $13.5m per year, per 1,000 employees is lost or wasted due to ineffective training. 74% of workers felt they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities, according to research by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning. A 2015 ATD research study found that only 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learner’s needs. Yet, 68% of employers offer training programs; 71% offer soft skills and 72% offer hard skills (CareerBuilder).

According to the Association of training and development (ATD) in 2017, Gamification is one of the most fundamental Strategies for better learning results

Our gamification for learning goes further as we identify 3 types of Gamification that can increase Learning ROI:

Content gamification

Structure gamification

Gamification for Learning Assessment

this is to be applied for e-learning, offline learning or blended learning


Gamification for Digital application services

in 2010, Microsoft published a paper saying that people takes less than 10 seconds only in order to decide to continue navigating a website the opened or not! do you need to increase your user engagement & user retention for your mobile app, website or any other digital service? Well, Gampact can help you define the correct Gamification strategies and habit forming techniques in order to increase & User Engagement with your platform and achieve you business objectives


Gamification for Workplace & Employee Engagement

 In 2013 research organisation Gallup reports that 87% of the employees were not engaged in the workplace! And the sad reality is that $11billion of turnover is lost or wasted due to employee disengagement. However on the same year Hewlett Packard was able to achieve 1 billion dollars by applying Gamification Techniques to it’s sales team! so What would happen if we would make even boring tasks at your workplace engaging and fun? Sounds unrealistic? 

Gampact will help you apply Gamification Strategies in your workplace for employee engagement, in order to increase their engagement and achieve your business objectives