Gamification Consultancy Services


Gamification has been proven to increase user retention, engagement, and loyalty. this is by applying the appropriate incentive schemes for your users/employees/learners to meet your objectives.

however the question is, Is Gamification the way to go? A simple, yet critical, question that we can help you answer. Our Expertise is to help organisations in any industry to benefit from adding gamification to their processes in order to motivate their target users.

We have helped a variety of companies, from seed stage startups to Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Oracle, Vodafone, Abudawood, HireHunt and many more to apply Gamification and create effective measurable ROI based on a predefined transformational matrix.

So much more than just rolling out points, badges and leader boards to a digital experience, our consulting team applies the science of engagement design to deliver optimal, sustainable results through creative solutions that solve your business challenges.

We will help your business meet its internal and external objectives through integrating effective gamification techniques into your processes and activities



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